Celebrating Retail Sustainability Superstars

The Retail Sustainability Awards celebrate excellence in leadership and implementation of sustainable business practices within the retail ecosystem.

RIS News and Retail Leader are proud to announce this new inaugural award which recognizes the innovators and change makers who have made sustainability an integral part of how they do business. Through their strategic vision, entrepreneurial spirit, innovative approach and commitment to change, these leaders are truly impacting the future of retail and the environment.

This award is open to retailers and consumer goods manufacturers and will celebrate both organizations and individual trailblazers.

Winners will be honored at a special recognition breakfast in Seattle, Washington on September 26, 2023. The breakfast will help us kick off Day 2 of the all-new Value Chain Tech event.

Retailers and CPG manufacturers are welcome to buy a ticket to the breakfast celebration or join us for the full Value Chain Tech. All-access passes (including the Retail Sustainability Awards breakfast) can be purchased at valuechaintechevent.com

"Doing well by doing good is not only important, it is essential to how
businesses will operate moving forward.  RIS News and Retail Leader
are proud to launch the first ever Retail Sustainability Awards,
which acknowledges those individuals and organizations who are
actively working towards a bright future for the retail industry and the world."

Vice President & Group Publisher


Corporate Awards

The Retail Sustainability Corporate Awards celebrate retailers and consumer goods manufacturers who are putting sustainability at the front of their business practices. Through responsible and forward-thinking strategies, these companies are positively impacting the environment, building brand loyalty and enhancing lifetime value. 

Retail Sustainability Leadership Award
Awarding a retailer and/or consumer goods manufacturer who has clearly demonstrated that sustainability is a core business objective. 

Retail Sustainability Initiative of the Year
Celebrating an organization that has launched or completed a major initiative, product or service that significantly improves their corporate sustainability or provides eco-friendly market alternatives.

Retail Sustainability Partnership Award
Showcasing innovative collaborations between two organizations who have worked together to address a key environmental or social issue.

Supply Chain Team of the Year
Recognizes an innovative team that shares a clear purpose and works collaboratively to develop and execute new ideas and/or processes to effect sustainable change. 

Retail Sustainability Technology Implementation Award
Celebrating a retailer or consumer goods manufacturer who has successfully leveraged technology to help drive sustainability within their organization.

Retail Sustainability Transparency Award
Recognizing a company who has clearly demonstrated the importance of up-front, honest and transparent communications about their company's impact on the environment and their sustainability programs.

For more detailed award descriptions and nomination instructions, please click below.

Individual Awards

Positive and impactful change is often driven by forward-thinking, passionate leaders who use their resources and influence to ensure a better future for all. The Retail Sustainability Individual Awards celebrates the unique talents of these leaders and showcases how they are helping to shape the future of sustainable retail.

Retail Sustainability Leader of the Year
Celebrating a senior sustainability leader who inspires their team, drives progress and is focused on delivering impactful long-term growth. 

Retail Sustainability Trailblazer of the Year
Honoring an individual non-executive team member who is passionate about the environment and whose new ideas and contributions have had a notable impact on their company's sustainability efforts.

For more detailed award descriptions and nomination instructions, please click below.


Come for the Awards.
Stay for the Show.

The Retail Sustainability Awards will help kick-off Day 2 of this year's Value Chain Tech event which is happening September 25-27, 2023 in Seattle, Washington.

While you are welcome to come for just breakfast, we encourage you to join us for the full event. After celebrating this year's Retail Sustainability champions, you will be immersed in collaboration, case studies, insights and powerful networking as we explore how organizations can transform their supply chain from a cost center into the backbone of value creation.

This unique annual event will focus on the technologies that power the pillars of value chain success: Agility. Resiliency. Collaboration. Sustainability. Join cross-functional teams, from c-suite industry leaders to key marketplace partners focused on:

  • Sustainability
  • IS/IT
  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • eCommerce & Digital
  • Strategy & Innovation
  • Data & Analytics
  • Research & Insights
  • Marketing

For more information on Value Chain Tech 2023, or to purchase an All-Inclusive Pass (which will include complimentary admission to the Retail Sustainability Awards), visit www.valuechaintech.com.


September 25-27, 2023

The "Emerald City" is the perfect place to celebrate sustainability. Seattle is a home base of big technology companies and a cornerstone of the U.S. supply chain. With its lush greenery, iconic landmarks and wide assortment of culinary delights, Seattle is sure to delight you.

Join us at The Hyatt at Olive 8
This unique venue is within walking distance to Pike Place Market or a quick monorail ride to both the Space Needle and the Climate Pledge Arena. Equally importantly, this beautiful hotel has earned a Silver Certification from the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) organization. The hotel features one of the largest green roofs in downtown Seattle and was built using regionally sourced, recycled content. 95% of construction waste was diverted from landfills. Olive 8 also has ambitious water and energy conservation practices in place and helped conserve forests and farmland by purchasing rural development land rights to preserve over 284 acres at Sugarloaf Mountain and privately-held land for salmon habitat.

1635 8th Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98101
(206) 695-1234